Chevy & GMC Medium Duty Truck catalogs

Print Production / Retouching / CG management / Project Management : Final art production of two catalogs included compositing imagery with reflections, shadows, re-lighing and prepress production. Interior CG image was researched, planned, lensed and managed for both brands.

2014 Chevy Impala launch

Retouching & Color Correction : corrected color to chip, overall cleanup of reflections, fit and finish. Removed rig and some distracting background elements.

Carhartt floor graphic

Retouching : Photo illustration from designer's vector file

Extended stock

Retouching & Illustration : Flip element and extend background for print magazine ad

Carhartt Catalogs & Signage

Retouching / Illustration / Color Correction / Print Production / Spot color integration : Cleanup, color correction to product, illustration of stitching, compositing of embroidered stitching and sewn hems, facial reconstruction to fix motion distortion, color correction from Negative film, for Carhartt catalogs. Orange PVC signage was produced with PMS spot color, with a bump of CMYK for details. Produced for product-correct color among multiple POS signs.


Retouching : Cleanup chrome, spot knock and enhance color

Carhartt floor graphic

Photographic Illustration : Created photo-real art from designer's vector file

Shinola samples

Retouching, Illustration & Color Correction : Cleanup, illustration of watch face and case, color correction. Bag cleanup, fit and finish, enhance grain and color correction.

Stock Illustration

Retouching / Illustration : Extended floor and bike for print magazine ad

Carhartt store fixture headers

Retouching / Project Management : Seamed three wide format panoramic images to create a 29' wide superpano for each of four POS signs. Challenges included working with negative film, grain, sun flares and motion distortion.

Carhartt Freezerware catalog

Retouching / Print Production : Image compositing and coloring, with type illustration and final art production

Burton Snowboards R.E.D. catalog

Retouching / Project Management / Print Production:

Image options were requested by the AD due to poor original photography of Olympian Shaun White. Proposed many concepts. Produced a tone-on-tone black image visible with dull and gloss varnishes over 4/color black.

Mitsubishi Electric


Illustration / Print Production / Project Management :

Photo illustrated lighting and produced final art using stochastic screening and 2/color PMS imagery, printed in 6/colors to separate the background black from 4/color black in product and text elements.

CU advertising art

Research, Photography & Retouching : Located model home, styled bills and letters in a shoebox, photographed elements and composited final image for print advertising.

Lexus direct mail

Retouching : background extensions

Chevy Cruze

Retouching / Color-Shift / Illustration : Shift from silver to red, drop background, create reflection

and illustrate shadow

The Bone Collectors

Retouching / Color Correction / Print Production / Large Format Display : Chevrolet Trucks displayed a large rock wrap around a 12' scissor lift with a truck on top. On the ground floor was this cutout of The Bone Collectors, the foremost bowhunters on TV. The selected image did not work well for Travis' bow over his shoulder. I was commissioned to photograph his bow in studio and composite with the shot while making him blend with the other Bone Collectors. 

Chevy HHR

Retouching / Illustration : Extended background to fit layout, stripped in new sky and photo illustrated foreground extension

Army Navy America's Game scissor lift wrap

Retouching / Print Production / Large Format Display : Chevrolet Trucks displayed a large wrap around a 12' scissor lift with a truck on top at the entrance to the

Army Navy Game. Imaging for Large Format and Print Production provided.


Photography / Retouching : Portraits for High School students

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