Production Management


Production Management : Coordinated the production of multiple OOH installations around the country. Graffiti murals painted around NYC and Miami, 15,000 sq.ft. vinyl posted around LA, anticipating the launch of the Fiat 500.

Niles Industrial Coatings


Project Management / Art Direction / Planning :

Managed the renewal of the identity including logo, stationery, website and forms. Provided a solution for field-access to all forms and policies for remote employees.

The DIA Makeover

Production/Art Direction : I directed the production method to prepare final art from the animations. We redrew the art from stills with a grease pencil, scanned at Ultra High Resolution, converted to 1-bit bitmap and embedded into the Ai file where the white fill was drawn. This method provided the best reproduction possible for all DIA partners which would maintain original quality at any size or medium.

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